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The #1 Parenting Choice That Makes Travel With Babies Easier

This isn’t a parenting blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few strong opinions on how I like to do things when it comes to raising babies and little kids.  But mostly that’s because I found what works for my kid and for me.  I’m generally of the opinion that you have to find what works for you and what works for your kid, and that if you do that and ignore the haters, your parenting life will be happy and as smooth as it can be.

So.  With that disclaimer, I’m now going to tell you what parenting decision to make for your six-month-old.

Check out Baby Led Weaning.  There is a book and a website.

This is an amazing approach to introducing solid foods where you – get this – give your baby actual food to eat.  No separate adult/baby mealtimes, nothing special to prepare because baby eats what you eat.  Totally easy.  Yes, it’s a little messy, but when is having a baby not messy?  Highly recommended for life in general.

Boys eating baguettes in Carcassonne, France

Boys eating baguettes in Carcassonne, France

The beauty of this approach for travel is that you never have to worry about hauling around jarred purees or figuring out where to buy them at your destination.  You just hand your kid come char siu bao, blood sausage, bun cha, or baguette and watch them go to town.  BLW babies are allegedly more adventurous eaters – this makes sense to me intellectually, and has been proven by my statistically significant sample size of two.  Kids (and grown ups) who are more adventurous eaters will have a less stressful, and dare I say, a more enjoyable time eating in exotic locales, sampling local fare.

Try it – you won’t regret it!

This post contains affiliate links.  I will receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.  I only recommend products and services that I have tried and loved.  Thanks for your support!

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