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Reader Question: Four Handed Diaper Change


Reader J asks:

My LO is 11 months old. Sometimes it takes me and my DH to change his diaper. One of us has to keep him entertained while the other finishes the job. So I’m a little freaked out as there’s absolutely no place in that yucky lavatory for two people.

Great question. I have a few ideas for you.

First, check out my post on changing diapers on airplanes to get a general feel for how it might go.

If it is just a wet diaper (not too smelly), you can do the change at your seat so that you have both sets of hands there. For poopy diapers, you’ll definitely want to go the lavatory with a changing table.

Check out all of the lavatories on your plane that have changing tables. Sometimes they are different sizes and shapes (and may even be handicap-accessible), so you may be able to get two people in there.

In the worst case, where one of you needs to to the diaper change alone, I would bring a toy with you. If having a toy in the germy lav freaks you out, you could keep one or two toys separate from the others in a plastic bag and designate them as “the toilet toys.” Often there are small paper cups in the lav that make great distraction toys. My kids love to play with the cups.

Finally, I would be really enthusiastic and entertaining. Sing silly songs, make expressive faces. Especially if you are normally a calmer person, this silliness should buy you a few extra second of time where he thinks “What is mom doing? She’s crazy!”

I hope that helps and it goes better than your expectations!  I know you can do it!

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