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Cheap Toys for Travel: Pom Pom Bowl

The credit for this one goes to my mom, a brilliant preschool teacher.  My son was never that into this one, but we didn’t travel much when he was in the 12-18 month timeframe due to his sister’s birth.  The 12-18 month timeframe is when this toy really shines, and it just so happens that my daughter is right in that age range at the moment.  Her pom pom bowl entertains her endlessly these days!

This toy is great – not only is it cheap, easy, and worry-free, you also get to do a little bit of recycling.

Pom Pom Bowl Toy for Travel

To make this toy, you’ll need a deli container or some other plastic food tub.  Your tub might be smaller or bigger than ours, but to be honest, ours is as big as I’d like to go, because it takes up a bit of room in the bag.  Then you will need a bag of pompoms from the craft store.   (Oh, go ahead and buy the big bag.  You’ll want to have extras to replace ones that you lose while traveling.  And poms poms are good things to have around in general!)

Pom Pom Bowl Toy for Travel with Kids

You want to take a knife and cut a square hole in the lid of your plastic container, a little less than 1/2″ square.  You want it to be a little smaller than the pom poms that you are going to put through it, so that your peanut has to push them through.  Don’t put it right in the center – put it off to the side a bit, so your little squirt has to think about where it is.

You’ll want a generous handful of pom poms, maybe 8-12.  Tuck them inside for transport.  When you are ready to play, take them out, place the lid on top and watch your little one practice their fine motor skills!

Pom Pom Bowl Toy for Travel with Toddler

If you lose your pom poms while traveling (that sounds like a terrible situation, doesn’t it?), fear not.  Cotton balls make a fine temporary substitute and can be found at many hotels.

Pom Pom Bowl Toy for travel with babies

Keep adventuring!

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